This year I keep seeing amazing things in the garden. May be I am so impressed because of the social isolation – when you stay at home so much, the small things seem more significant. I never thought I had a green thumb before, but now to my surprise now I get more and more involved in gardening, and I love it!

Some of the plants are starting a whole new life cycle this season. (I have seen this before in the autumn when the weather is warm, but not so early in the summer so that they have the chance to bloom). The platycodon had started to wither, so I cut it to save the roots for the next year – and I noticed there were new sprouts! Now some of them are almost ready to bloom.

Multicolor blooms on the same plant keep popping up. The dipladenia has a third color already, after the pink and white – wine red.

I am beginning to think that somehow I got several plants in a single pot… I have no other explanation, and I could not find such information online.

This spring I planted some seeds, but only the zynnias survived. So I decided to experiment with some other seeds again, although it is officially too late for this. I planted some poppies, lobelias and aquilegias (another plant that my grandma used to grow, and I have been dreaming about growing it). Poppies and aquilegias are biennial plants, so if I manage to grow some plants now, I might have the chance to see them bloom next year. And some of the small lobelias are already starting to bloom!

Another plant that is blooming in various shades – azalea. When it initially flowered, the blooms were magenta pink, and when the new ones opened, they were light rose with more saturated pink streaks.

Of course, I have some new plants too. I cannot resist them, because I need to have some color all of the time. After a seasonal plant is overblown, I try to find another one that would bloom soon, so that I could alternate them. 

I have read about this before, but it seemed like too much work to me. Now I see it as a pleasure, and an universal therapy.

I have ordered gailardias online long ago, but my order never arrived. Last week I ordered new ones from another place, and they are already here!

I also got this beautiful vaigela – another sun-loving plant.

After I order new plants, I make an online research to learn how to take care of them. Of course, it is easier in the summer – our house has a big porch looking South, with various sunny and shady spots to choose from. I only have to protect some plants if there is hard rain, storm ot hail. It gets harder during the winter – I have to find places for all perennial plants and provide them with enough light and warmth. There are also the pots where I plant the seeds and bulbs for the next season. All of these plants really seem to overtake the house, like Nick often says – but I love them, so actually I don’t mind. Our studio looks like a greenhouse – it is spectacular when flowers bloom, and in the background you can see tons of snow outside. Some plants are quite big and they darken the room, because they need to be close to the window, but I think it is a small price to pay for their beauty.

Although we stay home most of the time, only going out for grocery shopping, somehow there is never enough time for everything. But Boris was bored, so he wanted us to go to the mountain – and we did, last weekend.

It was foggy and cool, which was a nice change from the heat (and Boris loves the fog). We brought sandwiches and drinks, and we had a picnic in the woods.

I decided to try adding some vintage boho clothing in our shop, starting with his beautiful embroidery dress.

It was sold in just a couple of hours, so I guess I will add some more.

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