The last few days were gloomy, rainy and foggy. Though I prefer the sun, this weather can still be beautiful.

Morning dew on a spider’s web in the garden

But now the promised Indian summer is finally here, so I decided to catch up with the gardening. I repotted some plants, and I treated others with plant protection spray, to prepare them for the next season.

My Karma Choc dahlia grew taller than me, but it refused to bloom. So now I found a new home for it – with my friend Svetla (Shve), a wonderful artist who lives by the seaside.

Beautiful Shve with my love beads – she says she never leaves the house without them!

I decided to prepare the dahlia for shipping… and I was amazed! I planted the bulb in the spring, and now there were more than 20 bulbs. I knew they would multiply, but I did not expect the new ones to be so many.

Shve will also take care of my pink peony. I tried growing it for two years, but it did not bloom. And I also have some seeds for her – from my “Dusky Maiden” delphiniums and the red Canna indica.

My “Dusky Maiden” delphiniums
The red Canna indica

Some of my plants are still blooming. The toad lily looks really gentle, as well as the achimenes – a new (to me) plant.

Toad lily

Achimenes “Primadonna”

Yesterday I finished this boho denim jacket – decorated with embroideries, African print fabrics, trims and tassels.

The jacket is available in our shop.

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