It’s beginning to look like spring again. I hope it lasts longer this time – I can’t wait for the gardening season to start.

Yesterday we took a day off and we went walking by the river. It was sunny, so we could make some photos of my new finished project – Magic Garden.

Dark blue denim jacket, decorated with floral embroideries, colorful African print fabrics, trims and pom-poms.
Size L, available in our shop.

In the middle of nowhere we saw an abandoned armchair, so I just had to try it.

It reminded me of a “wandering” sofa on the side of the road. We saw it while travelling around Thassos Island in Greece during our friend Nacho’s photography workshop, back in 2013. Of course, I tried that one too!

I was eagerly waiting to see what Yvette and Nelia would do with the colorful stuff that I sent them.

In fact, I would be happy with anything they showed me. They are lovely free-spirited girls, so I was sure there would be some cheerful photos in my favorite bohemian style. But what they actually did was far out!

So much beauty… radiating pure love and joy! I was so moved when I saw the pictures, that I suddenly felt hopeful there would soon be sun, flowers, music and dancing again. I can’t thank the girls enough for this huge wave of inspiration, just as I was feeling down (again) because of all the uncertainty and the social isolation. Sometimes the meaning of my “colorful mission” seems elusive, but things like this bring back all my faith in it – and more.

I just finished reading “I Still Dream About You”.

It’s along the line of my most conventional book tastes. But still, Fannie Flagg’s novels could hardly be called standard.

When I was a rebellious student, I preferred “deeper” books with some philosophy flair, experimental style or… There just had to be “something else” about them, to help me escape the thought of square minds and predestined future. But then, when it turned out that real life offered enough drama, I started resorting to calmer reads. I don’t like reading about war, violence or heartbreak anymore, no matter how superb the qualities of a book (or a movie) seem to be – which rules all thrillers out. The adventure (and most of the romance) novels seem to be repeating themselves. So there’s not much left to choose from… and I still need to read all the time! Not easy at all.

There’s a new vintage item in our shop – floral corduroy dress/tunic.

Size L, two front pockets.

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