I’ve read this quote by Leo Tolstoy, “Boredom: the desire for desires”. So, I guess I have too many desires and they keep me away from boredom.

I know that people feel bored sometimes, but it is somehow hard for me to understand. I had seldom felt bored, even as a little girl, because I used to read all the time. Then I started listening to music, learning sewing, tie-dyeing…

When I was older, I had to work a lot, and it was hard to stop and really relax in the meantime, especially after Boris was born – with a million things to do, whirling around in my mind. Now I think I finally learned how to rest again, and still I never reach the phase of boredom. My problem is more like frustration – there are so many things I want to do, so little time, and sometimes not enough energy. (I don’t even want to mention housework – but it has to be done at some point, too). Before the social isolation, we were often meeting friends, going to concerts and festivals. This rarely happens now, but I still have so much to do, that it’s hard for me to understand the idea of boredom.

I think it would be reasonable to work out in the morning, but then I feel too sleepy, so I prefer to bring my coffee outside on the porch and look after the plants. When it is warm, I would like to lay in the sun with my book until noon. Theoretically, I could afford it (and I even do sometimes), but then half of the day would be gone and I would regret that I did none of the other things on my list.

Then I wonder if I should start a new project, or work on something from the “work in progress” pile. In the meantime, Boris wants us to play chess, or go out for a walk; there are also other random things I have (or want) to do. So, the only time left for my workout is in the evening, which is not the best idea. And when I want to relax, sit out on the porch with Nick and Boris, have some supper, engage in one of Boris’s favorite long talks, jumping around all kinds of subjects, watch a movie… It gets so late eventually, that I have to stay at the exercise bike until after midnight, if I don’t want to give up my fitness goals. Somehow, I always end up like this. The weekends are busier for me, because this is the only time that Nick does not have to work (usually), so he can help me with my projects – taking photos, printing mugs, etc.

It is too hot for planting now, but this does not stop me from rearranging the plants. I move them carefully, trying to keep enough soil on their roots, to soften the shock. Then I keep them away from the sun for a couple of days, as they are more vulnerable after repotting. If their original place is shady, I sometimes leave them there – it works most times.

At first, I replaced the withered purple lobelia with my new campanula from our local garden center. But it looked too small next to the lush blue lobelia in the same flower box, so I thought the purple African daisy would be a much better match, both in color and size.

The blue lobelia next to the withered one is still fine, but I noticed that its neighbours on the other side – pansies, were affected by the same thing: browning of the leaves. I don’t know what it is – I just sprayed them with my multi-purpose pest control spray, I hope it helps. I did the same with the other plants affected by mites, calathea crocata and two sinningias. (I keep them in the house, I think they could not survive outside.)

I moved the campanula next to the platycodon – its blooms look very similar to campanulas, only bigger. There is also a purple alpine daisy, so they make a nice purple mix.

The pink plumbago was almost overblown, so I wanted to replace it with something worthy for its neighbor, the spectacular gaillardia.

I chose the pink phlox for this. I love the color combination, orange and fuchsia – it reminds me of the rich colors of India.

This week we did not go to our usual supermarket, but we still went there especially because of that big roadside plant stand. I was looking for something purple, so I considered another purple lobelia, but the ones I saw there were almost dead. I guess the problem with purple plants extends beyond our yard.

The guy at the stall suggested that I look at the impatiens. I have not noticed them (because they were not purple), and I could not even recognize them at first. Their blooms were huge, compared to the ones I had seen before. So I decided to go for pink this time – I chose one of the impatiens, and a playfully frilly petunia (another one of these risky plants… but it was too cute to pass).

The only purple plant I liked there was a variegated calibrachoa.

It is a quite resistant plant, but this year several of my calibrachoas withered for some reason. There are a lot of shades on the market, so I replace them with new ones when I see one that I like.

There was no space left in my calibrachoa flower box (dotted with self-seeding mimulus plants that I intentionally moved there to fill the gaps), so I planted the new one in the purple-themed flower box. I arranged another pink-themed one with my new impatiens, frilly petunia and the pink plumbago. I thought of adding the “reddish-thing-with-some-white” too, but then I thought it looked cute next to the yellow hemerocallis, so I left it there for now.

My calibrachoa/mimulus mix

The “orange” gladioli started to bloom – obviously they are not orange at all, just as I suspected. I was a bit disappointed, because I am not a fan of white, and orange is one of my favorite colors. But still it feels nice when you grow something from seeds or bulbs and it blooms.

When they are overblown, I will send the bulbs to Shve if she wants them, for some variety in her garden.

While I was moving the pots, I found several snails hiding between them. So it was them gnawing at my plants, after all – I think they are cuter than the slugs, but still I would not want them feeding on the porch, there is enough grass in the yard.

I always try to remember each plant’s name, each time I get a new one. But it often turns out that it slipped my mind – so now I have a “cute yellow thing” (it was something starting with a “B”… I think), a reddish (with a bit of white) snapdragon-like thing (with a P?), and two “purple things” that don’t even bloom already, so there is no chance for me to research what they are. Oh, well… may be someday.

I started a new project, white denim jacket with vintage floral embroidery.

I am not much into wearing white myself, but it looks stylish and a lot of people like it. So, I recently started making some white items for our shop.

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