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Strange season mix, cake, tie dye goddesses

Most of June was rainy and not too warm. It has happened before but it feels unusual now.I don’t think I’ve ever seen primroses blooming in June. (They don’t look so good anymore but still.) Anemone are really thriving. With all the spring flowers, I was amazed[...]

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Bars and pretty ladies

With this title, you’d never guess we had quite a busy week. But actually, this was the case. Delta Blues bar is one of favorite places. A couple of months ago, we revisited it after a long pause. There was a new girl at the bar, Alice.[...]

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Flowers, friends, fun and fringe

It’s wet and gloomy outside again.We had a few sunny days though, and I tried some gardening. I especially love these iridescent ones. All the plants are just fascinating after the rain. The drops look like jewels – they could reflect all the world and keep it[...]

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Colorful stories

While on my last “Colorful Friday“ (that’s what I call the weekly thrift store tour), I found these gorgeous pants and I was over the moon. I was impressed by the label, so I decided to do a little research. I could not find the brand online;[...]