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Bars and pretty ladies

With this title, you’d never guess we had quite a busy week. But actually, this was the case. Delta Blues bar is one of favorite places. A couple of months ago, we revisited it after a long pause. There was a new girl at the bar, Alice.[...]

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Flowers, friends, fun and fringe

It’s wet and gloomy outside again.We had a few sunny days though, and I tried some gardening. I especially love these iridescent ones. All the plants are just fascinating after the rain. The drops look like jewels – they could reflect all the world and keep it[...]

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Colorful stories

While on my last “Colorful Friday“ (that’s what I call the weekly thrift store tour), I found these gorgeous pants and I was over the moon. I was impressed by the label, so I decided to do a little research. I could not find the brand online;[...]

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Unexpected forms, colors, words

Spring is officially here. I can’t quite feel it yet, as it’s not too warm and only the earliest plants can survive outside. But I know it’s coming soon, so I have more energy and I started a pile of new projects. I’ve always loved patchwork, but[...]