I came across this Arabian proverb while browsing online; I thought it was quite heartwarming and suitable for the season.

Just a few days ago it was sunny, with flowers blooming on the porch. Today it is snowing… I can’t believe it happened so fast!

In the last couple of weeks, I kept moving many of the plants every day – outside when it was warm enough and then back in for the night. I know it was too much but I didn’t want them to miss the last sunny days, and then it was too chilly to leave them on the porch. Our greenhouse is small and there is not enough room for all plants; anyway, it is too cold for some even inside it. So, I carried pots and flower boxes up and down the stairs too many times, but I think it was worth it.

Last Friday was the last sunny day for some time; in the weekend it was gloomy and windy. After a lot of rearranging, now the storage room upstairs that I use as a gym is also a winter garden. I love this combination, and I feel like I am more advanced in gardening now: the plants are in much better shape than this time last year. It must have something to do with higher energy levels because of my regular fitness routine.

I selected several plants that don’t seem to feel well here, and I repotted them so that I could bring them to Lia (she said she would always love to have more plants). I hope she can take better care of them, considering the time/space/plants number ratio. Ours are definitely too many – a lot of new ones have self-seeded, so now I have to find good places for all of the seedlings. I don’t know if they can survive until spring; I’ll just try and see what happens.

My multi-talented friend Nadya made these pictures in her yard, she was wearing the love beads necklaces that I made for her. I was so happy when I she posted them on Facebook, and I decided that I had to make more necklaces and send them to her.

We met Nadya at numerous rock festivals. She is a cool crochet artist, an avid gardener, a skilled cake master, a flute player… the list goes on.

Dancing with my crochet earrings (I chose them from Nadya’s stock when we shared a common stall at a festival)
The lovely floral crochet curtain that I ordered from Nadya. It really brightens up our kitchen!

This is Nadya’s page, The Little Knit Shop –

I am reading “The Blood of Flowers”, a really inspiring novel.

Though I can only imagine what it was like for women in 17th century Iran, I can surely identify with the main character, a carpet-weaving lady. She strives to determine her own life using her skills and craft, quite unusual for that time and place. It is something I have always tried to do too. In theory this is possible for everyone nowadays; but in fact, it is not easy, especially for women.

I am working on two more up-cycled denim jackets, adorned with embroideries, beads and lace.

“Eternal Flame”

“Wild Garden”

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