Most of June was rainy and not too warm. It has happened before but it feels unusual now.
I don’t think I’ve ever seen primroses blooming in June. (They don’t look so good anymore but still.)

Anemone are really thriving.

With all the spring flowers, I was amazed when I saw this tigridia.

Like many tropical plants, it usually blooms in July at the earliest. But this one is getting wild, with as much as 7 blooms from one stem. I’ve never seen more than 3-4 before.

I planted more tigridias but they look miserable because of the slugs. I’ve never seen them attack this plant before; I guess there are too many now because of the rain, and they are getting hungry.

We gave up growing anything in the yard because of the slugs, they totally destroyed it. So, I only have flower pots on the porch – but now they found them too! They are climbing up the wall (the snails too, but they don’t seem so destructive), and they are everywhere. We joke that our porch is like a restaurant “At the Top” to them (there is a local place with this name) – a reward after the hard way to the top.

My columbines seem to feel great in the rain.

I’ve dreamed about this plant for a long time; I remember it from my Grandma’s garden. I’ve tried growing them from seeds before, but it didn’t happen. They are thriving all over the neighborhood, even in cracks in the sidewalks – just not here. Now I found grown plants from a garden centre, and I finally have some.

My strawflowers look great too. I thought they couldn’t stand too much rain but here they are.

I planted a lot of nasturtium seeds, and they grew in a huge bush. Now there was some sun at last, and they started to bloom wildly in all shades of yellow and orange.

Recently, I started tie dyeing again.

I made this kaftan in various shades of green; I love how it turned out.

You can see it in our Etsy shop –
Tie-dye kaftan “Sea Breeze”

I am experimenting with embroidery over tie dye. I think the combination looks cool in this tunic.

Tie dye tunic with 3D embroidery

Crochet patterns also look impressive with the dye.

Tie dye dress with crochet lace

I love these 3D embroideries, I think they give a real fairy feeling. I added some to my latest up-cycled dress too.

Embroidered pixie dress

On June 3, it was my birthday. There was a small party on the porch, under the tent in the pouring rain.

My friend Iva (a.k.a Boobamara) brought me a special cake that her son Alex (16) made for me. Usually, I try to avoid sweets but this one was totally irresistible.

This guy is already a real pro! I saw the secret ingredient in his Instagram (elderflower syrup). Pure magic!

It was still raining hard, so I put my birthday present from Nick to good use.

I just love these Dockers rain boots, limited edition designed by artist Thomas Gensheimer.

Last weekend, we invited our muse Yvette over for a photoshoot.

It was a few days before her birthday, so I tie dyed this dress for her as a present. She truly looks like a goddess!

She also modeled some items for our Etsy shop.

Psychedelic fringe dress
Colorful beaded dress

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