My name is Anna.
Ever since I was a kid I was fascinated by the hippie culture, the colorful and free style of living. I fell in love with Rock’n’Roll music, hitchhiking, traveling, and I developed my own dressing style. Some call it Bohemian, others call it gypsy.
My friends just call me the Squirrel 🙂
I live in a forest house near Sofia, Bulgaria and that’s my colorful, bohemian place where I make my things. And there are real squirrels in the trees! Besides the love bead necklaces, I also sew colorful up-cycled dresses, bags, make tie-dye garments and other stuff.
Can you believe that I have already made several miles of love bead necklaces?
Join our tribe and help me bring more color to the world. Peace, love and joy!

Owner, Designer, Maker

The squirrel behind all this. Cutting, sewing and overall dreaming in color.

Photographer, Shipper

Technical support, driver, errand boy ????