I thought the warm weather was over, but if we believe the forecast there will be Indian summer soon. The night temperatures are still low, so I keep the most sensitive plants in the greenhouse. When it is sunny, I bring them out for the day, so that they can get some sun, and then back again in the evening.

On Friday, I went to the courier office to get my last fabric order. Then I took the bus, as I didn’t feel like walking uphill on the way back. Looking through the window, I saw a gorgeous plant displayed in front of a garden centre, so I got off at the next stop and I came back to buy it.

Last year, I ordered a pink hibiscus online. Then it suddenly got very cold; when I got the parcel, the plant was so frost damaged that it never recovered. I wanted to find another one in the same color again… and finally, there it was!

Our next tigridia that bloomed was in the most beautiful colour.

We have only three tigridia plants this year, so I feel lucky to have this one. As far as I remember, most of the ones that grew last year were yellow or white. They were beautiful too, but I really loved this orange one.

I brought the purple ruellia inside the house; I thought it looked spectacular against the braided tulle curtains.

Yesterday it was a national holiday, so the weekend was longer. We had some time to treat some more ceramic pots against mold, and we finally went to Lia’s apartment to bring her the plants that I had prepared for her (red Indian canna, plumbago, myosotis, and borago). She gave us a sprig of her mint; Boris wanted to plant it in his room for fragrance.

I was amazed when I saw her plants. The abutilon that I gave her was thriving. It bloomed in a beautiful color, a deep pink-red, and it is in better shape than all of the ones that I still have. My ex bougainvillea was flowering too; Lia really has a sense of what her plants need, and they obviously feel great.

I missed the broken “garden ghost” too much, so Nick brought me another one.

I was afraid to try taking a picture at night again, but I was super careful so it was safe this time.

I was quite eager to see the results of the joint photoshoot with our friend Mani, the henna artist. Finally, she published the first picture… A waterfall of beauty!

model: Stilyana Markova
photographer: Albena Lyutskanova
jewelry and clothing: Squirrel’s Love Beads
henna artist: HENNA NOMAD

This is Mani’s page –

Boris’s latest obsession is playing go (the Chinese strategy board game); of course, he wanted me to play with him. I tried to resist at first, as it seemed too abstract and too hard, but I decided to try after all. Boris plays online and reads about it, so he is better than me but I still manage somehow. We keep playing chess too… He even invented a hybrid between the two games. This is getting out of hand!

On Saturday, a dear friend came to visit us after a long pause. Nacho is our partner in color, photography, our music festival buddy… the list goes on.

I dressed him up in African attire – Dashiki shirt and a special hat; I knew he would be happy, as he loves to wear original hats. And of course, we had stocked up on his favourite drink, ouzo.

Our “Midnight Song” embroidered denim jacket has found its new owner, a really stylish lady. I hope she would enjoy wearing it, as much as I enjoyed making it!

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