It’s wet and gloomy outside again.
We had a few sunny days though, and I tried some gardening.

Our African daisies are glorious.

I especially love these iridescent ones.

All the plants are just fascinating after the rain.

The drops look like jewels – they could reflect all the world and keep it glowing inside themselves.

My pink hibiscus bloomed, and brought it out in the sun for a while. But when the temperature dropped again, I thought it would be better to keep it inside waiting for better days.

The clivia surprised me too, blooming for a second time this year.

As a child, I was enchanted by my Grandma’s garden. I remember her flowers vividly, and now I look for them one by one.

Her columbines were beautiful, but for some reason, so far I have not been able to grow them. They were thriving everywhere in the neighbourhood, even in the cracks on the sidewalk – but not in our yard. Then Lia (Nick’s daughter) found this new garden centre, and we went there together. The first thing I saw were… columbines!

Now I finally have some, I really hope they make it this time.

During the photoshoots for our Etsy shop, I often close my eyes when the flash clicks.
That’s how this picture happened by accident; we thought it was pretty though, and we called it “Flying in My Sleep” (like the song).

The good thing about May is that there are many national holidays, so we can relax and take it easy.

My teenager Boris and I resumed our walks through the woods and hills nearby.

He said that I looked like a shaman in my poncho, and he took this picture. It reminded me of “Lord of the Rings” somehow, so I captioned it “You shall not pass!” Wood demons, beware!

Boris loves to discover new places. There was this field where he wanted to go so badly, but we could not reach it. There is a big farm in between, surrounded by a thicket of thorn bushes.
We’ve tried to find a way around it, but something always happened. We got stuck in the mud and we could not pass through the wood; or it was too hot, we ran out of water and we had to turn back. The third time around, we saw a fox in a corn field… and then I realised that I’ve lost my favorite embroidered cardigan. We had to turn back once again and look for it, but it was gone. Maybe the fox took it home to make a bed for her little ones.
Now we tried once again. Boris was so funny in the corn field!

And after some detours… we were finally there! That field was covered with blooming wild strawberries, so we called it Strawberry Fields Forever.

The way back was new to us too, and full of wonders.

Beautiful decay
And wise graffiti (“Life is short, love is eternal”)
An interesting plant, Fallopia japonica, that turned out to be an invasive species (I asked about it in a special group)

Our rockstar friend Vasko the Patch and his band recorded a song in loving memory of Sparky (artist, musician, and friend). Vasko invited us over, to shoot a video in his yard.
It was such a great day, full of love and music.
We brought some colorful sheets from my stash, to decorate the place. I also made a blue Dashiki shirt for Vesko the Bread (a super fan of the band), and it fit!

This brilliant artist, Victoria Stoyanova, has painted Sparky’s portrait. She said she’d finished it the night before. The paint was still wet, and she captured his spirit so precisely!

Victoria, wrapped in my colors, and the striking portrait.

I made this velour fringe vest some time ago, and I thought it would be perfect for this wild dancer, Milena. The fringe were flying all around!

I’ve always loved fringe, and I often use them in my projects.

I found this vintage top in a local classifieds website.

I thought the embroidery would look great with denim, so I used it to embellish this black fringe jacket.

The jacket is listed in our Etsy shop –

Bright florals on black background… Another one of my favorites.  
This long faux velour jacket just needed color, so I added some flowers. And fringe, of course.

It’s available in our Etsy shop, too –

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