Indian summer is in full swing. It is my favorite time of year; warm and sunny but still mild, lighter and fresher than the actual summer.

At night it is still cool, so I keep many plants in the greenhouse. According to the forecast, soon it would be even warmer and I could leave them outside for the night; then the real autumn weather would begin.

Many are still blooming: penstemon, yellow tigridia, the last of the crocosmias, gailardias, lantana…

The celosias that I grew from seeds are thriving, they got really high and puffy.

Our dahlias seem to feel a lot better now.

After a few fails, I was beginning to think dahlias were not for me, but maybe they just needed milder conditions.

I had a doctor’s appointment on Saturday. I was glad it was possible over the weekend; Nick did not have to work (too much), so he could come with me and drive me.

On our way back, we dropped by the “men’s mall” for a new ventilator, as the one in our bathroom needed replacement. I wandered in the plants section; there was not much to see in this season, but I still chose a purple celosia and a load of bulbs.

Our yard was invaded by a flock of hungry little colorful birds (maybe tits, I am not quite sure). They fluttered all over the porch, looking for food. One flew inside the greenhouse while it was open; another one even snatched a piece of green pepper from my salad (I had no idea they liked veggies). Others were pecking furiously at something in the roof gutter; I had no idea that such small creatures could make so much noise, knocking on the metal. There must be some real treat, as other birds scrambled there too. We have often seen a young magpie, scratching so loud along the gutter edge that it once woke Boris up. I wonder what could attract all this attention. I have never been on the roof myself, but our neighbour and a friend of his recently helped us to clean the gutters, so we thought they were now free of debris from the trees.

Our friend Mani published some more pictures from our joint photoshoot. I love her radiant spirit, showing up so clearly in her designs. The combination with my jewelry and the outfits that I selected is so uplifting, and the model is beautiful!

model: Stilyana Markova
photographer: Albena Lyutskanova
jewelry and clothing: Squirrel’s Love Beads
henna artist: HENNA NOMAD

This is Mani’s page –

Veneta, the lady who chose our “Midnight Song” embroidered denim jacket, sent me this photo of her rocking it. Her style makes me happy!

I finished my “Afternoon Jungle” project this week.

Up-cycled denim jacket, decorated with floral appliques and embroideries.

Size 2XL, just added to our shop.

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