With this title, you’d never guess we had quite a busy week. But actually, this was the case.

Delta Blues bar is one of favorite places. A couple of months ago, we revisited it after a long pause. There was a new girl at the bar, Alice. (She really looked like a girl… we were amazed when she said she has 4 grown kids!)

Actually, I already knew her through Facebook. We share a lot of common friends from my past; I wonder how we haven’t met before. She is a great storyteller, I love reading her Facebook posts. These stories reveal that she really lives up to her name: she sees the world as a great Wonderland. And my friends gave me the nickname Squirrel after the Dormouse from Alice in Wonderland (Squirrel, in our translation). Nothing is accidental!

We were inspired to do a themed photoshoot with her in our garden. It was not easy to arrange – she had to work most nights, and the weather was terrible. But last weekend we decided we didn’t want to wait any longer.

Of course, it was raining again but still we managed to do something in between two showers. Nick was the tallest, so he climbed a ladder to hang the “magic veils” from the trees. I played Jefferson Airplane tunes on my phone while I gave guidance on styling, and Alice wandered around in her rose-patterned rubber boots (as the grass was still quite wet). Later, when we gathered all the veils, they were all muddy (with some critters hiding in the folds). Our model was so cold in her flimsy dress that we had to give her some rum to warm her up a bit. Well… I guess it’s the price you pay for beauty.

We came up with the title “Alice in Colorland”. When I first saw the pictures, I thought our set looked like it was raining colors.

On Monday, we did a small home workshop with Ena, Vasko the Patch’s daughter. Ena and her husband, Ethan, are the owners of Patches Blues Bar, another favorite place.

Ena wanted to learn how to tie-dye, to make some promotional t-shirts for the bar. It was lots of fun, and she went home with a big bag of wet shirts.

When Ena and Ethan revealed the shirts the next day, they were really happy with the result. She sent me these pictures; I was glad we did so well, too!

The shirts look great with the bar logo, too!

I made this ethnic tie dye shirt, with my favorite Dashiki pattern. I really like how it blends with the layered colors.

You can find it in our Etsy shop – Tie-dye ethnic shirt

On Tuesday night we met up with our friends Nina and Getsata. Where? At a bar, of course 🙂

It was our go-to place from long ago; our friend circle used to hang out there all the time. We called it The Wooden Shack (not far from the truth). It’s located in the middle of a small park full of playing kids and people walking their dogs. So, most of the time it feels more like a family restaurant than an actual bar. They are famous with their delicious fried zucchini stripes (I can’t get enough of them!) We caught up over beers, and their adorable little girl, Katya had an ice cream cake.

Nina had her eye on a few dresses from our shop, so I brought them to her when we met. I think the embroidered denim dress looks great on her!

From Wednesday to Friday, I was invited to the Rags to Riches Textile Upcycling summit. Thank you for the invitation, Jodi!

Unfortunately, I could not attend most presentations in real time, but I was able to watch some records. A great way to feel a part of the community, and an inspiration for future projects.

I love seeing how friends and customers wear something I made, while traveling or having fun.

Rosi, having a great time in our ethnic tie-dye shirt
Polly, happy by the sea with our embroidered patchwork bag

We added some great vintage items to our shop. This hand embroidered ethnic dress is so exquisitely crafted… A real piece of wearable art!

You can find it here – Embroidered folk art dress

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