The temperature is dropping, so I had to rescue most of the plants from the porch. Our living room is crowded again… but I there’s no use to carry them upstairs, just to bring them back in a week or so (at least I hope the weather would be warmer then).

The strict lockdown here was lifted, but we feel like we should go on with the social distancing. So we stay home and we finally start some projects, that have been waiting for a long time.

I found this Indian dresser in a local classifieds website.
It had great shape, but I didn’t like the decoration.

I was inspired by Debi’s Design Diary tutorial about “tie-dye” furtniture –

We didn’t have the kind of paints she recommends, so I used common acrylic paint. First, we secured the mirrors with masking tape, and Nick spray-painted it in turquoise.

Then I applied several layers of paint in different colors (blue, yellow, green, lavender), letting each one dry before adding the next, and then I tried to give it an aged look with sandpaper. 

I added two layers of varnish, and I let it dry too, Finally, we replaced the missing mirror in the centre with the one that my artistic friend Jessica made for me a few years ago (it was a thrift find, and she painted the frame in Moroccan style).

I finally started another project, that I’ve been planning for a long time – denim jacket with embroidery appliques.

I salvaged some of the appliques from thrift shop items, and others were new. I also used scraps of embroidery trims from other projects.
Most of the embroidery appliques are meant to be glued, but I’m not sure if the glue would last – so I carefully stitch each piece to the fabric according to my design.

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