Monthly Archives: May 2020

Spices, cats, yarn-bombing

I am currently reading Pomegranate Soup by Marsha Mehran. It’s an exciting novel, and it[...]

Teenagers, rain, denim and fringe

I made an agreement with my teenage son Boris: If he helps me to carry[...]

Dogs, flowers, embroidery, African prints

It gets so cold these days, that I have to “ walk” my plants (take[...]

Too cold for gardening. “Tie-dye” furniture, new denim project

The temperature is dropping, so I had to rescue most of the plants from the[...]


New projects and plants. Missing festival life

Most of my favourite dresses from last summer were quite worn out and/or faded, so[...]

More flowers. Our craft room – inspiration vs. organization

I planted a lot of seeds this spring, but they are growing slowly because of[...]

More colors around the house – gardening, up-cycling

When we moved in here two years ago, I was thrilled at the chance to[...]


Yard life, colorful lockdown

This morning, while having coffee at the porch, I witnessed another cat fight (literally!) I[...]


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