Friday was the first sunny day we’ve seen for a long time, so I spent the morning outside in the rocking chair with my book and coffee.

This became a habit for me since the lockdown started last year (when the weather was warm enough), as a way to save my peace of mind. I can feel the energy of sun, the trees and the flowers flowing inside me, and it makes me feel calmer and happier instantly.

My birthday was on Thursday, we marked it with a beer in the park with a friend. She needed some cheering, so I brought her several of my love beads necklaces and two of the boho mugs that we recently started making, as a present for her and another friend of ours (her birthday was the next day, we used to party together for our birthdays when we were teenagers).

I felt a bit like Pippi Longstocking, who gave presents to her friends for her own birthday. It’s a great feeling, even better than receiving presents! I used to feel a bit down before that, but when I saw how happy she was, it came back to me too, and the birthday blues was gone.

Boris gave me a heap of coins from the jar where he keeps his savings, and he said I could choose a birthday present for myself. I thought it was really sweet! I found this cute dress in an online second hand shop, and I ordered it – when I wear it, he would know it was a present from him.

I went for a walk with Boris in the field, and I was amazed at the glorious spring bloom.

It was a real inspiration, and I took some photos. I thought that the bag and the jeans that I made matched this background perfectly.

Maybe the pictures of the wild flowers would look nice, printed on mugs… We can definitely try this.

Boris wanted us to make a healthy fruit cake for my birthday, but he was too sleepy, and then he ate most of the fruit for the cake because of his “fruit hunger”. (His eating habits are a bit unusual for a teenager, in a good way.) We can always make this cake, to keep the birthday feeling going.

I am having good chess moments recently. I won several times in a row, after Boris had beat me almost every time, for months. I think he has created a monster! I was so tired of losing all the time, that I made every effort to change my play and find new strategies, and it pays off.

A flock of blackbirds attacked the cherries on the tree in our yard, they were making unbelievable noise.

Our neighbour tried to scare them off by hanging one of his t-shirts on the tree, as some kind of scarecrow, but I am not sure it would work. Anyway, we leave most of the fruit in the yard for the birds and the squirrels, so the only problem for me was their screaming. It was so loud that we could hear it inside the house, even with the windows closed! As a friend of ours commented, “they are thanking you for the cherries”.

I love the combination of tie-dye with embroidery, so I started another project in this style. I called this tunic “Cosmic Flowers”.

I designed the back of the embroidered denim vest that I recently started, so it seems like I will finish it soon.

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