Monthly Archives: January 2021

Waiting for the sun

The first part of the winter was unusually warm – but then we woke up[...]

Life is too short to wear matching socks

I’ve heard that somewhere, so I had to check it out.The weekend seemed like the[...]

The power of color

I’ve got this habit of “making people colorful”, as I call it. When I decide[...]

Photos, colors and fun

We like to arrange colorful photoshoots – Nick is the photographer, and I do the[...]

Growing time

I started planting spring flowers. It’s a bit late for some, if I followed the[...]

The secret life of love beads

It all started when I was a teenager. We used to hang out at a[...]

Groovy times

The first winter months were quite warm. Boris and I went on long walks in[...]

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