This morning, while having coffee at the porch, I witnessed another cat fight (literally!) I fed our “yard cat” Krasivcho (“Handsome one”), but the neighbours’ cat Sivcho (“Gray one”)  was not happy about it, so they fought once again over the territory (our yard). Actually, they are both strays – but they choose to visit some of the houses in our neighbourhood, exchanging the right to pet them for food 🙂

It’s funny how these two have a totally different personality. Sivcho is really annoying – always screaming for food, even after he was just fed! And he’s become so fat lately, that it’s hard to believe he’s really hungry. 

Krasivcho is another story. He sleeps on our windowsill, and when I go downstairs, he wakes up and he just looks at me, waiting for his breakfast. Then, if I stay outside, he strolls around me for a while, bunting and purring, and then he tactfully walks away to go about his business. That’s why I chose him to be my yard cat (in fact, he must have chosen me because I feed him, but anyway 🙂 )

Krasivcho among the flowers – so cool and fluffy!

I really love gardening, and I’m so happy that the warm weather is finally here! I could look at the flowers all day long, thinking of new ways to rearrange them. But they also inspire me for my craft projects, so at some point I decide to go inside for some colorful action. (And what about housework? Well… some other time 🙂 )

A fun garden project. I planted the rhododendron in this old rubber boot, and Nick (my man) made the custom wooden saucer.

In the beginning of this lockdown thing I was a bit disheartened about my design work. But lately I began to feel more reassured, so I was finally able to start some new things. This makes me feel so much better!

One of my recent projects – boho embroidery fringe bag (work in progress)

We had many plans for traveling, attending live concerts, vending at festivals, etc. Now these will have to wait indefinitely, but I’m OK with that, as far as everyone stays safe and healthy. We will do all of this later – and even more, I hope!

Me and Nick by the river near a festival site back in 2013
(photo Zornitsa Statkova)

These days I contacted Joana – the friendly owner of Karavana, a cool second hand online shop, and we decided to start a stylish collaboration. I helped her with the selection of outfits for her shop, and she made some inspiring photographs, featuring my work. I really needed this energy boost!

My boho accessories, styled and photographed by Joana Pencheva, Karavana.
Bag and necklaces available in my shop –

Check out Joana’s lovely shop too –

I also love reading… In fact, I need it badly! But it’s really hard to find books I like – may be because I worked in the book publishing industry for way too long, so my book taste is really spoiled. I’m currently reading The White Tiger, recommended by my favourite blogger, Vicky Brearley.

Following her blog was the force behind my own attempt to start blogging. Thank you, Vicky, for your uplifting posts – constant source of inspiration for style, reading, gardening, cooking, and more!
You can see Vicky’s blog here –

2 thoughts on “Yard life, colorful lockdown

  1. Vix says:

    I’m thrilled that you’ve finally started a blog and so touched that you mentioned me! Your photos always bring a smile to my face, it’s lovely to learn more about you.
    Our lives are very different at the moment but that doesn’t mean we can’t make the best out of every day. Festival season will be back and we’ll love it all the more when it returns! xxx

  2. Anna the Squirrel says:

    Of course I’d mention you! I think you have no idea of the amount of energy you transfer through your blog 🙂
    I guess many people are feeling down now – and your high spirit really helps me, because I identify with you a lot.
    I hope you are right and everything changes for the better soon. I can’t see it yet, but… at some point, I guess it could 🙂
    And in the meantime – we can live in our own colourful worlds. At least, it’s almost summer…

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