It gets so cold these days, that I have to “ walk” my plants (take them outside for a while and then bring them back in), just like we walk our dog.

Our dog Charlie peeking under the table

Nevertheless, many flowers are bloming.

Our embroidered denim project has made some progress. We embroidered paisley designs on our machine, and I added them to the back of the jacket.

Another project that I was planning for a long time – African print dress. 

I found these Dashiki print items (top, skirt, two shirts) in the thrift shop. First, I cut the red top below the waistline, leaving enough fabric for sewing. Then I dyed it yellow, because there was too much white for my taste.

The colors of the top fabric before dyeing

Then I removed the waistband of the olive green skirt to make the middle section of my dress. I cut the bottom parts of the shirts (orange and yellow) below the sleeves and I unpicked one of the side seams of each one. I secured the edges of all parts with my serger, then I stitched the two shirt pieces together to make the bottom part. Finally, I combined all parts to complete the dress.

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