I am currently reading Pomegranate Soup by Marsha Mehran.

It’s an exciting novel, and it contains a lot of Persian recipes. I was inspired to try some of them, so I ordered these exotic spices.

As a longtime fan of Indian cuisine, I’ve had a lot of spices before – but I stopped using most of them for a while, so I converted my old spice rack into a bead rack. I guess now it’s time to think of a new one 🙂

It’s still unusually cold for the season, which does not stop me from drinking coffee on the porch. But I can’t stay there for too long, and it’s not good for my tropical plants either – so I can’t wait for the warm weather to start.

The cold does not seem to bother the cats much, though. Sivcho, the neighbors’ cat, likes to sleep on our rocking chair (proving our theory that cats like bright colors – or may be it’s just the soft lounge… but still a nice theory 🙂 ).

Krasivcho, my “yard cat”, still visits us every morning for breakfast, after being gone all winter. I was worried about him, but obviously he’d found a better place to stay.
First he climbs the plum tree, and then he jumps on the porch. He could simply use the stairs and slip under the porch door, but then he’d have to pass through the territory of Topo (our neighbor’s dog). Topo is a nice dog, who likes to jump happily around the garden and play with any kid who visits our yard – but the cats and the hedgehogs just drive him crazy!

Krasivcho climbing the plum tree

Topo, determined not to let any cats pass by him

When we moved in here, I decided to “yarn bomb” this tree, using a crochet cover from the thrift shop. (When I was a little girl, my mother taught me to crochet – but I’m just not patient enough for this kind of thing. May be I’d try again when I grow up 🙂 )

Boris hugging our “yarn-bombed” tree

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