Thursday was the first really sunny day in a long time. I hope the good weather lasts, so that we can stay longer on the porch, and finally leave all the plants outside. It gets too much to carry pots in and out every day. Boris helps me with them in the afternoon (in exchange of chocolate cream), but in the mornings he has school online, so I have to take them outside myself.

Anemones are more resistant, so I don’t have to keep them inside

Breakfast on the porch

The first cherries in our yard ripened. Boris picked some – they were delicious! Last year the trees were attacked by some disease (probably because of the rainy weather), and most of the fruits were spoiled.

Yesterday was my birthday. It was not quite festive this time, because the time is not right for parties – but still I got a lot of sweet calls and messages from friends, and I had a glass of my favourite French red wine. It tastes great, and the bottle looks quite original too 🙂

Recently, I am obsessed with African prints. I got this beautiful fabric as a birthday present from Nick. It’s heavy cotton, original wax print (Ankara) from Nigeria.

I decided to make a dress for myself, using the top part of an embroidered Indian dress (I haven’t worn it much, because the skirt was too dark). I cut the top below the waistline, leaving enough fabric for stitching. Then I cut the pieces for the skirt, using my measures – no pattern (I learned to do this at a special program that I attended in high school). I made the top part of the skirt as a classic knee-length trapeze skirt. The bottom part was initially a long stripe of fabric – I stitched its ends together, and then I ruffled it. I secured all three parts of the dress with my serger, and then I finally connected them.

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