It is getting colder at night, so I brought a part of the plants inside. But I still take some outside for the day – the ones that are about to bloom need to get some sun.

Many are still flowering – the hibiscuses and the bouganvillea look really luscious.

Our “satellite dishes”, as Nick calls them
An unusual variety of hibiscus – the blooms look like small roses

They are getting really big, so after I brought them inside, they are taking a lot of space. 

My new workplace is near the south-facing window, which is also the best place for plants in the whole house, so now we had to find other places for some of the plants. And somehow there seem to be more of them than ever. I guess it has something to do with the isolation leading to more gardening… A great thing while we could keep the plants on the porch, but it is harder to find good places for all of them inside the house.

Another poppy has flowered, in a slightly different tint.

I am still amazed that they are flowering now. It is supposed to happen in May or June, when I actually planted them. I also read that they don’t bloom the first year (another thing that proved to be wrong with mine), and I wonder how a plant like this can survive the winter (even if I keep it inside) – the ones that were overblown seem to be wilting.

Other plants that keep blooming for much longer than I expected – the tigridias. I started storing the bulbs of the overblown ones for the next year, but I decided to keep some plants that seemed too small and had not flowered yet. So they kept blooming, in yellow and white. I made an online research and I saw that they could also be orange. They looked really beautiful in the pictures, but I thought that unfortunately there were none of this colour in my mix. And now, near the end of September, I actually have a flaming orange bloom. I feel so lucky!

Another reason for me to feel lucky these days: two cool ladies chose some of my items and ordered them in great combinations.

A tie-dye set is travelling to a groovy lady in UK – our Dashiki shirt and Rainbow Garden embroidery bag.

And our fiercely colourful friend Albena chose the Blues Power fringe bag and denim embroidery vest.

Recently, I also got some cool reviews from customers in my Etsy shop.

When someone appreciates what I make so much, I feel very inspired and I feel like my efforts have a real meaning. Priceless!

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