The first part of the winter was unusually warm – but then we woke up to this.

It is still cold and gloomy, so it’s a pleasure to have fire in the fireplace and flowers in the window.

I can’t believe this gaillardia is still blooming – it’s supposed to be a summer plant.

I had another one too – variegated orange.

But it was weaker from the start, and at one point it entered a “sleep” phase. I hope it awakes in spring (though I’m not sure it ever will).

The siningias are thriving, so may be I’ve finally learned how to treat them.

The tulips that I planted from bulbs keep growing… I can’t wait to see them flower, then the spring can officially begin.

I finished another pair of up-cycled bellbottom jeans – lots of flowers there too.

They already found a home… Let the adventures begin!

I am working on a new project, Magic Garden. Dark denim jacket, embellished with climbing floral embroideries.

Another denim project – long skirt, decorated with embroideries and corduroy fabric appliques.

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