I’ve got this habit of “making people colorful”, as I call it.

When I decide that someone needs more color in their life, I select some clothes and accessories from my resources, and I simply give it to them. (Or, recently, I send it – because of the social isolation.) There are some things that I made, and others I find in thrift shops or local classifieds websites – and of course, always (at least) one of my love beads necklaces.

I sometimes do this as a part of our photoshoots. After we choose together what the model would wear, then I suggest they just keep the items they liked most. (Anyway, we’d like to make various sessions, so we would rather not use the same outfits twice.) We also bring some colorful stuff at music festivals, to make people happy.

After a hippie festival, a bag of such items accidentally ended up in our friend Nacho’s car.

Nacho Kamenov is famous with his black and white photography – his sculpture-like images are widely recognized and shown at art exhibitions. But our colorful stuff inspired him to go back to his old (or young) hippie self, so he started arranging boho sessions in his studio.

He says that after his planned sessions, many of the models wish for some “colorful” photos, to see themselves in a different light.

We made some colorful photos together too – like this memorable session, near the beautiful mouth of Veleka river, at the seaside. Great times!

All of this led to Nacho getting a new tent, and we’ve had a lot of adventures together.

Nacho’s hippie beard (my design)
At one of our photo events
At Burg Herzberg festival, Germany
Nacho and me at our favourite hippie festival in Panichishte

This is the link to Nacho’s Instagram –

Among Nacho’s most creative sessions are his collaborations with Svetla Yordanova – Shve, who is a real artist too. Shve was both the model and the stylist, and she used the items that I’ve selected to create strikingly original settings.

So I had to send Shve some colorful things too, and now she makes her own boho sessions.

Shve loves the love beads necklaces that I made for her – she says she never leaves her home without them!

She is also a cool painter and graphic designer.
This is her page, Shve’s Stories –


Our dear friend Angelika Dgibrova – a multi talented artist, was charmed by our colors too.

Angie enjoying her love beads

She was inspired to make these lovely photos featuring my love beads… So much light and tenderness!

We arranged a boho boudoir session with Angie herself, in Nacho’s studio.

Angie’s page –

We also had a colorful photoshoot with Angie’s beautiful niece – Nicole, a professional ballet dancer.

Wild child Nicole
(photos by Nacho, styling by me)
Nick’s artistic view of Nicole

Another friend who was inspired by our style – Vladimir Spasov.

We met Vlado when I made some love beads necklaces for a charity cause, and he bought several of them for his young daughter.

Vlado with love beads

Then he started using them in his sessions, along with some colorful backgrounds.

We arranged some sessions together in our garden too – I did the styling, and Vlado was the photographer.

We also worked with Vlado on some cool projects – a part of the global movement Help Portrait. It was exhilarating! We’ve had great experiences together, we met some beautiful people – and some cool photos were made. It’s a pity that I can’t publish them, because of the models’ privacy.

Vlado’s website –

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