The first winter months were quite warm. Boris and I went on long walks in the neighbourhood and in the park, changing our usual routes.

It was beginning to look a lot like spring, with trees budding and flowers blooming – quite unusual for this time of year.

This holiday season did not feel very festive, but at least we had some time to rest.

Relaxing in my new colourful clogs – a Christmas present from Nick
A corner of our studio, with my Kantha quilts collection and some of my current projects
Our dog Charlie is really old, so he always feels cold. He spends most of the time napping, snuggled in my paisley sleeping bag.

Two of my boho bags went to a colourful lady – Albena, who already has two hippy fringe bags and a denim vest from our shop. It is such an inspiration, when someone appreciates my style so much!

I’ve always loved the 60s and 70s style, and I’ve been making bellbottoms since I was a teenager.

These are my very first ones – I opened the side seams of the jeans and I inserted triangles of floral fabric. I felt both proud and brave for wearing them in the 90s, when almost no one else seemed to like this style.

These pictures are from my student years, with my dear friend and roommate Greta. We lived in a tiny attic with poster-covered walls, always full of music and friends. We shared a common taste of the hippie culture, and quite a lot of adventures together.

Another pair of bellbottoms from recent times – more elaborate, and a bit chaotic (which I liked then). Second hand jeans, embellished with embroideries cut out from various up-cycled items.

This picture was made in Stockholm 3 years ago, sitting by the river with Nick.

I’ve lost a lot of weight last year, and the bellbottoms that I had did not fit anymore. So I decided to make others – for myself, and some extra ones.

This time I thought more of the design, and I am happy with the result.

And this pair went to a groovy chick, Yvette. She called them her “mighty jeans”, and she swore she’d never take them off!

Another finished project – boho/hippie denim jacket with artistic embroidery.

Size L, available in our shop.

I started making tote bags. This one is made of cotton, decorated with colourful ethnic floral embroidery.

There are also some new vintage items in our shop.

Warm wool dress/tunic with floral pattern and asymmetrical hem, size XL
Plus size bohemian tunic with floral pattern
Two soft layers, delicate cotton lace, asymmetrical hem.
50% cotton, 50% rayon. Size 5XL
Bohemian floral print blouse with embroidery
Satin-like fabric, size L

I started a new project – boho denim vest with rose embroidery.

I am obsessed with embroidery! I think it’s really special, and it always adds some bohemian flair.
I wish I had the patience to embroider by hand. But as this is not the case, I use embroideries cut out from thrifted items, and some designs made with our machine.

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