I’ve heard that somewhere, so I had to check it out.
The weekend seemed like the perfect time – though actually we’ve felt like odd colorful socks most of our lives.

In this way, I could wear my Beatles sock (the only one left out of 4… I guess the sock monster has developed a good music taste). I combined it with this “cosmic” one, also lonely – but not anymore.

Sunday afternoon was sunny, so we went for a walk in the wood.

Most of the primroses in our kitchen’s window were overblown quite fast, so I decided to get those small bromelias after all.

This window is facing north, so the kitchen is usually dark and shady. And it’s the first thing I see in the morning, when I go in there to make some coffee, so I’d like to have as much color as possible. We printed these talavera tile stickers with our printer, and I arranged them over the original white tiles.

I like planting, potting and rearranging my flowers. Not so much the process itself (though I seem to do it often, so I’m not so sure), but the prospect of future blooming beauties motivates me.
If I buy a plant that’s already flowering, I really enjoy it, and it instantly brightens up our space. But it’s much more rewarding if it was just a shoot, and the most – if I planted it from a seed or a bulb.

I research on the care they need, and I am equally pleased, when a store-bought plant is able to bloom again. Some of these species originate from exotic places, and they require special conditions – not easy to arrange at home.

Our studio’s window

The red abutilon is one of the plants that I saved last summer. (I wanted to order just one from a local classifieds website. But the guy said all of his plants were in a bad shape after he was gone on a vacation, so he could send me all of them for a symbolic price, if I thought I could bring them back to life – so I ended up with 7.)

The orange calathea crocata and the siningias (pink and purple) were among the new plants that I got the last time I accompanied Nick at the “men’s mall”.

I’ve had this tibouchina since last summer, and I doubted it would survive at all. It is one of those mossy-leaved plants that should be watered very carefully – so there’s no way to leave it outside on the porch, because it might rain. I tried to save it from the rain when I could, but still it got too wet sometimes.

Surprisingly, now it’s thriving, and it even began to bloom.

Another blooming plant – hipeastrum. (It looks a lot like amaryllis, but my amaryllis is still in “sleeping” stage.)

I am reading a really fresh novel – “Man At The Helm”.

A story of true bohemians, who “hadn’t ever wanted or needed to be serious and proper”. Genuine and candid (without being shocking), funny but not shallow.

Another book that I recently finished – “The Storyteller’s Secret”.

Dark but enchanting tale about the strength and the courage you need to stand up for yourself, and not just go with the flow.

My book taste was a bit warped after working in publishing for too long (and reading commercial books I would not choose otherwise, as a part of my work). So it’s difficult for me to find something good to read – and I need to read all the time. It’s nice when I find a good book, and I feel that I can still appreciate it.

I made this photo of a green rabit figurine (garden decoration) riding my precious Pakistani wooden truck, as a symbol of our wish to travel again soon – to some distant sunny place…

I found this new Kantha quilt in a local classifieds website – it’s in a great color.

I already have a purple quilt in my collection, but its pattern (paisley) is lighter, and I prefer deeper colors. This one will complement my designs perfectly – purple is one of my favorite colors, and I use it a lot.

Our “Early Bird” bag is flying to SIngapore! I hope it brings a lot of fun and joy.

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