We like to arrange colorful photoshoots – Nick is the photographer, and I do the styling.

Our first photoshoot, with me and our dear friend Gergana (a cool musician) as models
Gergana, going on a tour
Me with a decoration that I made for a “flower power” party

In fact, it was more fun than work. We played some music and we looked over the piles of my colorful stuff, to find just the right things.

The models we chose were often our friends – and if not, we usually became friends by the end of the photoshoot.

Beautiful hippie chick Evgenia with her future baby
Jana with music in her head
Miss Lucy, the mystery lady

At first we used Nick’s studio, and after we moved in here – our garden.

Milena, the wild one
Marina, the ravishing redhead
Jana in the garden, full of loy

Sometimes we used our friend Nacho’s studio. There we could use the décor items that I chose for him, to create a boho boudoir setting.

Adriana, having lots of fun
Adora, with her decadent allure

Once, during one of Nick’s birthday parties, Nick and Nacho suddenly decided to take out their photo equipment, and they started a spontaneous photoshoot with the guests. Wild times!

Albena, our flying “dragon lady”
Mincho and Jenya – love at first sight!
Plamena, Jenya and Charlie playing around

We’ve also arranged some photoshoots during festivals – like this one, at the great hippie festival at Panichishte in 2014.

Renkata channelling Janis
Marieta and Boris, an adorable hippie family with their new baby
Nikolay Tabakov, the driving wheel of the hippie festival

We haven’t been able to arrange photoshoots for a long time, because of the self-isolation, and we really missed them. So we thought we could try something like this from a distance.

We met these groovy girls at a rock music festival in the park two years ago.

Yvette and Nelia, in full color

They really like bright colors and hippie style, just like us – so I sent them selected bohemian clothing and accessories, including my “love beads” necklaces. They were inspired to make some groovy photos, and I can’t wait to see the result!

The big bag of colorful clothes and accessories that I prepared for them
And of course, a pile of love beads!

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