“The beast” is here. I am not sure if it’s the one from the East, but in fact I don’t care, as long as it’s gone soon.

It’s freezing outside, and the snow is sparkling the way it does when temperatures are extremely low. Beautiful, but not my kind of beauty – too cold and monochrome.

There is not enough light for the plants either. The Parrot Prince tulips don’t look quite well – their blooms haven’t opened completely yet, and one of them is already damaged – its edges look brownish. At first, I thought it was dried by the heating, but when I looked closer, it seemed to be more like some kind of rotting.

It’s always hard for me to keep some plants alive inside the house during the winter. It’s too dark and the air is too dry, but still they are attacked by pests (I don’t know where they come from, if not from new plants, but anyway). The ceramic pots get mouldy, and sometimes the soil inside them is covered with mould too. It might be happening because there is too much moisture, but actually many plants are withering. Oh well…

But still some survive, and new ones grow too. The amaryllis bulb that I kept from last year sprouted really fast – and I doubted it would, because it had started to rot a bit. I removed the damaged part, and then I followed the instructions that I found online. I’ve read that it was activated by heat, so I repotted it and I moved it in a brighter and warmer spot in our studio. It grew surprisingly fast, and it’s already preparing to bloom!

A lot of people liked the embroidered bell bottom jeans that I published in my Facebook page and Instagram, so I thought I could make a denim jacket in this style too.

I’ve made similar jackets with floral embroidery patches before, but now I am trying to achieve a “wilder” look, similar to the natural growth of the plants. My own taste is eclectic and chaotic, and I thought that most people would prefer something neater. But symmetry and order might be too boring, so recently I try to follow my original ideas of style.

Another embroidered item – denim vest in lighter spring colors (work in progress).

Our black ethnic embroidery fringe bag is travelling to New Jersey. I hope it would be good company for adventures with boho spirit!

Seems like a long time since I’ve had something really good to read, but now I think I found it – “The Muse”.

It feels mysterious and exciting, really unpredictable. And I thought I was hard to impress with my “worn out” book taste, after all the involuntary reading while I was working in publishing.

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