I started remaking the set of colorful necklaces that I made for our musician friend Gergana years ago. They were bound together as one piece – she called it her “epic necklace”, and she practically didn’t take it off for a long time.

Gergana with her “epic” necklace and the special microphone cord that we made for her

Finally, it started to fall apart, she gave it back to me for repair… and then it stayed in its small floral bag for years.

In the meantime, I made other necklaces for her – but this one was special, so it waited for its turn. Now I decided it was about time, and I took it apart so that I could use the beads again to make new pieces.

Each of these beads has its history. Many were made by Nick, and they bring back memories of happy times. We used to go to music festivals where Gergana’s band performed, and she wore these necklaces. We cheered and danced, and then it was all music, beer and laughter until the morning. There were ups and downs, excitement and adventure – it seems like another life (and another world) now.

I am reading “In the Midst of Winter” (strangely fitting for the weather, although it is almost June).

I’ve always been a big fan of Isabel Allende, and I used to wait eagerly for each of her novels. But then I started avoiding sad and shocking stories, and hers were getting heavier over the years. I recently read about those that I had missed, and I decided to try some of them – they turned to be great reads, as always.

It is still incredibly cold and gloomy for the season, so most of our plants stay in the greenhouse all the time. It turned out to be a great decision, otherwise they would definitely be in a poor shape by now.

This year we have two varieties of fuchsia (I made the photos a few days ago, while there was still some sun).

I think the lighter one will look good on Lia’s balcony, so I decided to add it to the plants (mostly nasturtium seedlings) that I am preparing for her. New gardeners should be encouraged, then I won’t feel alone in my plant obsession.

We added two more boho mugs to our shop:

“Magic Garden” – print from a collage, made of ethnic print fabrics

“Rainbow Garden” – the pattern is a mix of tie-dye and floral embroidery

I finished one of my favourite projects, “Sunset Garden”. (I noticed that recently “garden” is present in all my product names… I wonder why 🙂 ) We made some photos in the yard yesterday, just before the rain started.

“Rainbow Garden” – denim boho bag, decorated with tie-dye fabric, vibrant embroideries, pom-poms and tassels. Available in our shop.

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