I read this article about Nico, the iconic German singer/songwriter/model/actress/ and “reluctant muse”… I was deeply impressed.


She was so beautiful and talented, and still lonely, dark and mysterious. A real (tormented) artist.

Like in her lyrics:

“Love and learn
Take your turn
Somewhere there’s a feather
Falling slowly from the sky
You need not know the reason why.”

I will definitely have to find (and read) her biography, You Are Beautiful and You Are Alone.

photo: Bettmann Archive

I was sitting on the porch this morning, feeling a bit down for some reason. I was staring absent-mindedly at the mandala beach tower on the floor, and I suddenly realised that just looking at it made me feel better.

I am really convinced in the power of color, the thing behind all my projects.

The weather is still cooler than usual for the season, which is not bad – both for us and for the plants.

I love the shades of our nasturtiums this year. This one’s color is quite saturated, the darkest I have ever seen.

There is also this lovely variegated golden yellow one.

One of our hibiscus trees started to flower, for the first time (?). Its blossoms look unusual, I don’t think I have seen this variety before.

The red and orange Indian cannas are blooming too, and so is my “Dusky Maiden” delphinium. Our porch looks like a homegrown jungle! I love this time of year because of all the flowers.

I had to be a part of the jungle too, so I climbed one of the trees in the yard and Nick took this photo.

I started making this white denim jacket with floral appliques and embroideries.

Another new project – embroidered cotton vest, “Fly Away”.

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