There was a big thunderstorm on Tuesday night and it rained a lot, which was refreshing after all the heat.

The next day was sunny, but in the afternoon the temperature dropped rapidly. When we went to the supermarket, I even had to grab my fleece-lined patchwork jacket; I hadn’t needed it in a long time. Around midnight I realised it was getting too chilly for the plants, quite unexpected for the season. It would be extreme to move all the pots at this time, so I just saved my treasure – the flowering turmeric, and I brought it inside the house.

I woke up early on Thursday morning, I made some coffee and I went outside with my mug to see what happened to the plants during the night. They looked generally fine; I hope a few hours of cold have not damaged any of them. The forecast for the next night is even worse, so it looks like we will have to assemble the greenhouse and move the most sensitive plants inside.

I made this picture of the crossandra a couple of days ago, marveling at its beauty.

It looked a bit droopy this morning, I hope it did not suffer too much from the cold. I’ve read that it could not stand temperatures below 18 degrees Celsius, and last night it was 13.

The borage plants that I grew from seeds already started blooming; they look really delicate.

I started reading “Work and Life on Raroya” by Bengt Danielsson, a Swedish author who was a crew member on the Kon-Tiki raft expedition from South America to French Polynesia in 1947.

It was published here in 1971 with the title “Raroya – The Happy Island”. The author has lived there for a long time, and he was amazed by the kind, easy-going lifestyle of the local people. I decided to read it when it was mentioned in a friend’s Facebook page, and I found a used copy online. I was impressed when I saw that someone has used the book as a diary 50 years ago (the entry was dated), scribbling with a pencil in the white margins.

Over the last few years, my artistic friend Shve has been a constant source of inspiration for me; looks like it works both ways. We live in different cities, but we still manage to exchange colorful vibes through the distance.

She wears our love beads necklaces all the time, and she sometimes does fascinating photoshoots with them. The last one features some of her cool cats too (real ones and her artworks).

I can’t even describe how uplifting this is. It fills me with a sense of meaning, and it fuels up my energy to keep making more things.

Our “Fresh Garden” fringe embroidery bag has finally found its owner. I am so glad, I really love that one!

The lady who chose it has ordered three love beads necklaces from our shop just a few days ago. When someone likes my work so much, I feel really motivated to keep going, despite all the difficulties of the last year and a half.

I started two new projects, up-cycled denim jackets with floral embroidery.

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