It suddenly got wet and gray outside… A bit depressing, but still it feels cozy to curl up on the sofa with a book.

I just finished “The Henna Artist” (utterly enchanting) and I started reading the sequel, The Secret Keeper of Jaipur.

Actually, I spotted this one first while browsing for books online, and then I saw that that there was another famous book by the same author, which came first.

I read all the time but I rarely find novels of this quality. It reminded me of the time when I worked for the publishing house and I had to read books I was working on (designing, editing, translating) and others that I had to review. I often had to read some I did not like, but in this way I also found a few gems that I would not care to read otherwise.

Our plants like the rain, though I am a bit worried about the turmeric which does not take overwatering well. I moved it on the windowsill, where the rain could not reach it.

Yesterday there was a thunderstorm and hail began to fall. I rushed outside to save the most vulnerable plants but it passed in seconds so there was almost no damage. Some purple ruellia blooms were torn, but they last just a few hours anyway.

My barleria finally started flowering for the first time.

The yellow hibiscus burst open too; it really looks like a centrepiece in our porch jungle.

The orange one does not seem too well though. I really have to repot both of them; they obviously need more root space.

Some time ago, I wondered how could spring flowers like freesias bloom so late during the summer. Now it looks like there would be some in the autumn too.

It is almost September, and they keep flowering. This is such an extraordinary year!

According to the forecast, it will be significantly cooler next week. I started selecting the most sensitive plants and bringing them inside, so that we don’t have to do it at the last minute as usual.

I wanted us to treat all ceramic pots against mold before that, so Nick needed more impregnating liquid and he had to go to the “men’s mall”. I went along to see the plants; none of them inspired me but we got this cute “garden ghost” with glowing solar eyes instead.

Somehow, there never seems to have enough time. Weekends are filled with errands: get a new rocking chair for the porch (the old one broke down – no wonder, as it was older than Boris who is almost 16), go to Lia’s apartment to bring her the plants that I prepared for her (and some pest-control spray, to save her mint plants from aphids), deliver an order from our shop to a lady… I often feel like weekends are even busier than the other days. Nick has to work a lot during the week, so if he has to be involved in something (drive, photograph, etc.), we usually leave it for the weekend.

Our “Blue Moon” boho fringe bag will be travelling to UK with its new colorful owner, Rosi.

It is her second bag from our shop; last summer she chose “Rainbow Garden”.

She told me that as a nurse, she had to wear her uniform while she was working. In the meantime, she brought color into her days with her tie-dyed embroidery bag; when she left it in her locker at work, she often got compliments from her co-workers. Her story made me feel so great!

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