I planted a lot of seeds this spring, but they are growing slowly because of the weather. So I chose some grown plants from our local garden centre, and now many are in full bloom.

Mimulus – very unpretentious and resistant plants. They can stand temperatures as low as 2-5 °C, and still bloom!

Once you have a mimulus, it starts self-seeding in all sorts of places – even in cracks in the wall.

Our celosias – extremely velvety this year

Beautiful dipladenia

I planted these plumerias (frangipani) – can’t wait to see them grow!

I often find inspiration, while looking through my stash and finding unexpected combinations of various items. Before the lockdown, I was too busy thrifting (which took a lot of time, because we live in the outskirts of the city and most of the second hand shops are too far away). I kept collecting my finds, but I usually had no time to organize them, so I created a frustrating mess in the craft room (and other rooms too!).

Now we are self-isolating, so I was able to appreciate my thrift finds – and clear some space for actual work on my projects.

A part of my fabric stash – finally organised!
(And now what?)

My beads shelves – I placed them on the wall opposite my working table for inspiration

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