Most of my favourite dresses from last summer were quite worn out and/or faded, so I reluctantly had to let them go. If I can use some part of a pre-loved garment, I always save it, but these ones have lost their spark.

Luckily, I have a lot of inspiring items in my stash, so I started some new projects.

My spring colors
(Bag and necklaces available in my shop)

I made this tunic from a top, a scarf and a skirt (all second hand, soft light cotton).

First I cut the orange top below the waistband, leaving enough fabric for stitching. Then I cut the green scarf, using the standard measures for a short trapeze skirt (no pattern), and I assembled its parts. (I always try to avoid horizontal seams exactly at the hips – it makes them look broader, so I shorten or lengthen the segments as needed.) 

I removed the waistband of the fucsia skirt, to make the bottom part of the tunic. I secured all three parts (orange, green, fucsia) with my serger and I stitched them together. Finally, I used my seam ripper to open a bit of the side seams at the waist, and I added ties for additional fitting in the back. 

The jeans were a thrift find. The colors of the embroidery were not bright enough for me, so I painted over the embroidery with all-purpose acrylic paint.

Colors of the embroidery before and after painting

The bag is made of denim, decorated with ethnic embroidery and pom-poms. Necklaces – made of cotton cord with macrame knots, stripes of recycled sari silk and assorted beads.

I feel so lucky to have a yard in these strange times! Gardening, or just staying outside among the flowers, always cheers me up.

I can’t do without nasturtiums.
They bring back that cosy feeling of visiting my grandma as a child.

We’ve never had gazanias before. Such a great sight, when they open up in the morning sun!

I really miss festivals. I love everything about them – friends, colors, music, dancing, beer…

Our favourite hippie festival in Panichishte (spring edition), organised by a friend of ours, was cancelled a few days before its starting date (in March, when the lockdown started). 

Me and Nick at the autumn hippie festival in Panichishte a few years ago
(photo Nacho Kamenov, styling and jewelry Squirrel’s Love Beads)

The festival stage – we designed it in boho style with fabrics from my stash

We planned going to some other festivals as vendors, but they were all postponed. Well… we’ll just have to wait, hoping that this whole thing passes soon and we can be free to see our friends and have fun again.

And until then, there are the online concerts at our beloved Delta Blues Bar –

We sing, cheer… And there’s also beer – it’s a bar, virtual or not 🙂

Last weekend’s surprise: My dear friend Nina, who is a PR pro, created a real digital strategy for my shop. It makes me feel so special – (almost) like I own a serious business!

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