It’s been raining for two days in a row – a bit depressing, but it is good for the garden.

This week I noticed, that one of the tigridias is about to bloom.

First thing yesterday morning, when I went out on the porch to feed my fluffy yard cat Krasivcho, I went to check on her – and there she was. I was so excited!

I had little hope of seeing the tigridias bloom. They look quite similar to orchids, which I don’t dare to try growing, as they seem to be too pretentious. I planted the tigridia bulbs in April, and I kept them inside because of the cold. They grew relatively fast, but they looked feeble and weak – they couldn’t stand upright on their own, and their leaves kept wilting. Then I brought them outside, and in a while they really surprised me.

The bloom wilted at night, so it seems it only lasts one day – but it was still beautiful, while it lasted.

I made a lot of progress with this layered embroidery fringe bag (one of the projects that I started it just before the lockdown – it was on hold for some time).
The original fabric was from an up-cycled embroidered skirt. Then I added another layer of embroidery appliques, which created an impressing 3D visual effect.

I got this beautiful Indian Kantha quilt, and I plan to use the fabric for decoration of denim bags and jackets.

I ordered two more quilts in different colors and patterns, so I’ll be able to make beautiful combinations. This is really inspiring!

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