Our garden seems to be going through a “red stage”. This is surprising, because I don’t like red much (I used to love it in all shades before – may be I just got tired of it). So I rarely choose plants flowering in this color, but still I accidentally got some.

The indian canna has so much red in it, that even its stems and leaves become purplish.

There is also the red verbena – it was not flowering when I got it, so I didn’t know the exact color, but now I think I like it anyway (in combination with the other colors around it).

Our lantana was yellow/orange, and now it turned red! I knew that a single plant could bloom in several shades, but still it was unexpected.

Lantana in its orange and red stages

Red celosia (“Little Flame“)

Boris has two more weeks of school, and then our daily routine will change again. Now I still get up early to make breakfast for him, and then I wake him up (he never seems to hear his phone alarm – if he remembers to set it at all). When his summer vacation starts, life will get easier for sure.
These changes affect us all. First, in September Boris started going to a new school (to study computers, as he wished) – but it was too far away, so we had to get up at 5 AM every weekday (that was hard!). Then the lockdown started, so his school moved online. They had classes in various times every day, and it was quite confusing. And now their classes start at 8 AM – not bad, but still another change. It has been hard for me to adjust every time, now mainly because of the stress from the lockdown – but I hope during the summer things will get easier.

Boris having fun on the porch

I was inspired by my idea to use Kantha quilts as a background and adorn it with embroideries, beads and fringe – so I decided to start a new “Peace“ collection: denim bags, jackets and vests.

The start of our “Peace” collection: Denim bag decorated with Kantha quilt fabric, embroidery and fringe (made of recycled silk, cotton cord and wooden beads).

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