This little guy comes back on our porch quite often – he seems to like the flowers.

When I last saw him, he suddenly came really close and tried to taste the beads of my necklace one by one, obviously mistaking them for blooms! (My colorful clothes and jewelry often attract butterflies and sometimes bees, but none have tasted them like this before.) And I thought at one point that these creatures were hummingbirds, so the romantic notion was mutual. The first time I saw one, it was at the window of our small apartment on the fifth floor – I thought I was dreaming! But then someone told me it was actually a butterfly, and my fantasy was ruined.

The purple color wave in the garden goes on, in a deep purple stage. This morning, while having coffee outside, I noticed that the eustoma has finally flowered. It is beautiful but quite pretentious, and at one point I almost thought I’ve lost it – but this year I chose a new place for it, not so sunny, and it seems to feel so much better now.

The kalibrachoe is thriving. It is a quite resistant plant – when I got it this spring, the night temperatures were still low, but I’ve read that it can survive the cold, and it proved to be right.

I ordered more ceramic pots from that small workshop in Troyan. They ran out of stock at one point, but they still had some pots with small flaws, which were even cheaper. I don’t mind these flaws – most of them are invisible after filling, and the pots are completely usable. And even when the flaw is visible, it can add charm to things. Like the sign on the labels at my favourite Indian shop read, “Any defects are actually effects“.

So I repotted most of our plants in the new pots – they look and feel so much more natural now!

Speaking of charming imperfections –  I found this lovely ethnic embroidery in a local classifieds website, and I already thought of a project that I can use it for. 

It was probably meant for a wall hanging or a pillowcase. I accidentally noticed a small unfinished spot, and it made me think of the woman who made it. There were just a few stitches left, but she could not finish it for some reason, and then it probably stayed like that in some chest or drawer for years. There must be some story behind it. If only threads could talk…

Two of my bags – Silent Understanding and Serene Forest, are flying to Australia. I am so excited!

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