Another favourite – orange. It is one of my top three colors, along with green and purple. Therefore we have a lot of orange plants – the garden looks really sunny when they bloom.

We have had nasturtiums every year, since we moved in here. They are so easy to grow, and they bring back sweet childhood memories of my grandma who used to love them.

This is the first year that we have gazanias – real sun lovers!

I never had this kind of variegated mimulus before. It is easy going and self seeding – so resistant, that it can even get invasive at times.

I got a small lantana plant this spring from our local garden center, and now it is already a big bush. It blooms in different colors, from light/deep orange to red – I have never seen such a plant before. I’ve read that it is poisonous, and it can really irritate the skin, even if you just brush against it.

Zynnia – another plant that I am growing for the first time. I planted the seeds in the spring, and now they are flowering in all shades of pink and orange.

I found this lovely orange Kantha quilt, made with floral bird print fabric. I am planning to make some beautiful things with it!

Talking of orange and birds – here is the new bag that I finished, Silent Understanding. It is made of denim and decorated with vintage hand embroidered fabric from a wall hanging, embroidery patches, pom-poms and tassels. A symbol of the love and understanding between two souls, no words needed.

The bag is now available in our shop.

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