I am not much into white – but this white dipladenia is beautiful… and unexpected.

When the plant started to flower, the color of the blooms was fuchsia. 

I didn’t know that it was possible to have different colors of blooms in one plant. The first time I saw it was with the lantana, but I have read it is typical for this species.

Our lantana in its orange and red stages

I did some online research for the dipladenia, but I could not find anything about multicolor flowering.

Our garden is getting into a late summer stage. Some of the plants were overblown, so I repotted them. I stored the gladioli bulbs for planting next spring. Now I have a special container for bulbs – both beautiful and safe.

I found this Indian wicker-work basket in a local classifieds website, and I decided that it would be a perfect storage for the bulbs. It has a cover, but it is still well ventilated, which is important for keeping the bulbs dry, to protect them from rotting during the winter.

Nick said that it looks like a cobra was lurking inside… Funny, but kinda true 🙂

I have always loved ethnic patterns, especially Indian and African.

I found this white Dashiki shirt in the thrift shop, and I decided to tie-dye it with my Procion dyes. I like the result – I think the pattern mix is quite interesting.

Tie-dye ethnic print (Dashiki) shirt – available in our shop

Talking of pattern mix – this is my favourite thing! I always try to find the best color and pattern combinations from the fabrics in my stash, like in this multilayered bag, “Mandala Song”.

It is made of denim and decorated with vintage woven fabric from a colorful rug, assorted ethnic trims and mandala embroideries on canvas. Then I added tassels and pom-poms, to complete the boho look.

Mandala Song – boho embroidery bag, available in our shop

Another new bag – Flower Dance. It is made of cotton and adorned with embroidered lace fabric and fringe.

Flower Dance – boho embroidery bag, available in our shop

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