I keep rearranging the plants on the porch, and I started lifting up the bulbs of the overblown ones and storing them for next year.

The tigridias started blooming from the end of June through the first half of July, so I thought the ones that did not until now would not flower this year at all. But I still decided to leave them in their pots, just to see what happens – and I was rewarded!

Yesterday morning I saw a big yellow bloom – another one of the rare four-petal variety (most of them have three petals).

While I was trying to make a photo, my yard cat Krasivcho kept wandering around, with the clear intention to make a photobomb – the special talent of most cats.

Of course he succeeded, so now I have a photo of a blooming cat!

As usual, the bloom wilted in a few hours – but this morning there was another one from the same flower head… with just three petals.

It is really amazing – like the sole dipladenia plant, blooming in two different colors simultaneously.

The zynnias grew quite tall, so there is some free space left in the pots near the soil. I planted mimulus, a shade-loving plant, and antirrhinums, for a multi-level look.

This is a new (to me) plant – plumbago. It blooms in blue, which seems to be a rare colour for some reason. There are a lot of red, blue and pink flowers, purple and orange too, but I seldom find anything in blue.

Actually, blue is not among my favourite colors, but I still wish to have some of it for richness and variety in the garden. I need to have the full rainbow spectre around me!

Speaking of rainbows – I finished a new bag today, “Rainbow Garden”. It is made of denim and adorned with tie-dyed embroidered cotton, ethnic trim, tassels and pom-poms.

The bag is available in our shop.

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