The weather feels milder these days, so it looks like the season is starting to change – but it is still warm and sunny.

Some of my flowers were overblown, but new ones started to bloom.

Ruellia (Mexican petunia)
Tricyrtis (also known as “frog lily”)

And the biggest surprise for me – oriental poppy… in mid September!

This is the first one that I managed to grow successfully. When I first planted poppy seeds a few years ago, I actually weeded them out by mistake. There were two species of small plants growing, so I had to decide which ones were the poppies, but I was wrong. The ones that were left were forget-me-nots – apparently the seeds of both plants were mixed for some reason.

This spring I decided to try again, but the small plants did not make it. So I decided to plant some more in May, hoping that they would grow better during the summer and may be bloom next year – but one of the new plants flowered now. Totally unexpected!

I added some more vintage items to our shop. They are mostly in black or white, with a touch of colour – both bohemian and elegant.

Black bohemian dress/tunic with colourful crochet details, adorned with pom-poms and tassels, Size L

White bohemian blouse with delicate floral embroidery
100% organic cotton, size L

I am working on a new project – embroidered denim jacket.

I found this jacket in the thrift shop – I like the flattering fit and the good quality of the fabric, classic royal blue denim.

I cut out the embroideries from another second hand item – a pair of girls’ pants, and I thought they would be a perfect match for this design.

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