Our garden is thriving this year. We stay at home most of the time, so it gets a lot of care. I have read that gardening is really popular during social isolation – I can totally relate, because I think it is the best therapy.

The orange hibiscus and the big bougainvillea tree have finally flowered. They took a long time this season, because they were affected by some disease, while we kept them inside the house during the colder months. They lost many leaves, especially the bougainvillea, and I was not sure if they would ever fully recover. But after I treated them with plant protection spray several times, they slowly went back to normal.

Some of my new plants are blooming already too – buddleja and gaillardias. I am trying to do something that I had planned for years – alternate seasonal plants, so that we can have some colour all the time.

There is a new vintage item in our shop – long bohemian hippie dress.

Elastic waist, adjustable straps with ties in the back. Can also be worn as a maternity dress. Fabric – cotton with fine silvery thread (lamé), size L.

I made this boho denim jacket – decorated with embroidery, Kantha quilt fabric, tassels, mirrors and pom-poms. 

It was sold just hours after I uploaded it in our shop, and now it will be travelling to Australia. Really inspiring!

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