It is getting cold, especially at night, so we started using the fireplace.

I found a fire colorant substance online, and we tested it. Me and Boris had a lot of fun watching the changing iridescent colours, but Nick was not impressed. He said he had seen much more colours while using fireplace cleaning chemicals.

One way or the other – I’d like to do this again, so we ordered some more of these.

I thought there were no blooming plants left outside, so I was surprised when I saw a spot of color.

The antirrhinums are self-seeding, so there are still some growing in the cracks on the porch – and moreover, flowering in the cold! I thought they were real survivors.

Many of the plants that I brought in were overblown, and some withered – but there are still a few colorful ones left.

I am always amazed when I see a tillandsia bloom. It looks like such an improbable colour combination!

When I first saw one in a gardening center, I thought that the purple petals were some tasteless paper decoration. But to my surprise, when I got one (pink only), it grew the same ones at some point.

I finished the “Fantasy Garden” denim apron – decorated with embroidery and my favorite African print fabrics.

It found a new home in California almost instantly, with a lady who liked my first denim apron, but it was gone quite fast too. That’s why I decided to make a second one in this style – I hope she will really enjoy it!

I started a new project – denim bag, decorated with patchwork made of Kantha quilt fabrics, peace sign embroidery as a centrepiece, tassels and pom-poms. It is inspired by my friend Polina, who wished for a bag that is big enough to hold all her items – and also colourful and stylish.

I love huge bohemian bags too – there is enough space for everything, and I like the way they look, even when they are not very full. But many people prefer smaller ones. A customer once used the term “social worker” bag, because social workers always have to carry around a lot of things. I guess that makes me a “colour worker” or something 🙂

We really miss travelling. I hope that soon we would be able to visit some sunny and colourful place again.

This photo is a memory of my trip to Thailand, almost 12 years ago – gathering fallen blooms under a tree on Koh Mak island.

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