It is still sunny sometimes, but it’s getting much colder. I moved all the plants inside the house several weeks ago, and the effects are beginning to show.
Generally, there is less light inside, and the watering is not so easy. Some plants dry out too quickly because of the heating, and the soil of some stays too wet for some reason. I have to be careful not to spill water (which is not a problem outside), and now it is hard to predict how much water is enough – or too much – for a plant.

I got the aphelandra last year. It was initially blooming, but then it was attacked by some disease and it started to wither. I tried really hard to save it, and didn’t expect it to ever flower again – but it did!

I decided to take it outside on the porch for a while. I thought it looked great on the autumn background in the garden, so I made some photos.

When I posted this photo on Facebook, a friend asked if the photo was “real”. I wondered what she meant – it turned out that she thought it was a “computer” photo, because it looked too good to be true!

I added the first apron to my shop – made of denim, decorated with embroidery and African print fabrics.

It found a new home really fast – with the kitchen goddess Polina. She chose it as a birthday gift for herself before it was even ready, when I posted it on our Facebook page as a work in progress. And when she received it, she said it was so pretty that she would never go out of the kitchen.

I hope it would make her cooking and baking more fun than ever!

I finished a new item, combing embroidery with African prints.

Plus size denim shirt, embellished with joyful floral patterns – also suitable as maternity wear. Size 3XL, available in our shop.

I started a new project, a combination of tie and dye with embroidery.
I have tested this idea before. Both bags are made of denim and adorned with tassels, but they look different because of the techniques that I used.
I started the first one with white embroidered fabric, and then I tie-dyed it.

Two ladies liked it, so they agreed that one of them would have the bag – and I promised to make a similar one for her friend.
With the new one, my technique was exactly the opposite. I used tie-dyed fabric as a base, and I stitched the embroidered floral applique over it.

Another colorful item in our shop – vintage tie-dyed apron. Made of cotton, 4 front pockets.

I really like making aprons lately – and a lady wrote she was disappointed that the first one vanished too quickly from our shop, so I started a new one, Fantasy Garden.

It is made of denim, decorated with embroidery patch that we made with our machine and patterns from my favourite African print fabrics.

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