On Friday morning I found my sewing machine like this.

It looks like it was intentionally arranged, but it’s not. Obviously, the bud fell off from the hibiscus tree in the pot next to my working table, and it just landed in this way. I thought it was very fitting for the machine to be “blooming”, because I use it so often for sewing flowers onto things.

The weather is spring-like again, and the crocuses in the yard started to bloom.

I even dared to leave some pots outside, even for the night, so there are some flowers on the porch again. But I plan to bring them back in by the end of the weekend – the weather forecast for next week is not so good.

Most of the Parrot Prince tulips withered before fully blooming, but some of the Suncatchers look promising.

I got these pansies from a small garden center nearby – they are a bit weak, I hope they get better soon.

Our amaryllis has flowered too, and it’s spectacular. I’ve forgotten how huge its blooms were!

I am reading another art-themed novel – A Half Forgotten Song.

It feels mysterious and a little dark. I hope it’s not too sad or shocking further on – I am capable of abandoning a book or a movie if they make me feel bad, no matter how gripping they are otherwise.

I’ve lost some more weight, so the bell bottoms I made for myself got too big again. I took a pair of Boris’s old jeans (we both wear the same size now), and I moved the embroideries on them. A huge task – especially unpicking them from the old pair, because I’ve used a special trimming stitch while sewing them. I also had to rearrange the decorations, because the new (to me) jeans are tighter, so there is less space for the design. But the result was worth it – wearing these beautiful (and much better-fitting) pants will inspire me to finish the similar projects that I recently started. And besides, it’s further motivation for my fitness routine.

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