There is heavy snow once again. This is not… quite usual for this time of year. (I was about to say “normal”, but the word has kind of lost its meaning now, in the start of the new lockdown. It’s been like this for a year already, with no end in sight.)

Meanwhile, there was some sun. Me and Boris went for long walks in the nearby forest and hills, and the flowers in the window bloomed wildly.

I even brought some of the tulips out on the porch, as they were not doing good inside at all. But this is what happened to them one morning –

And this was the new view from the studio window –

Some plants kept on blooming for some time – ranunculus, calceolaria, siningia and abutilon.

But then most were overblown, and I had to get some new ones. My last chance (for some time) was this Sunday – the last day before the new lockdown, when all big non-essential stores would be closed. So we went to the “men’s mall” (home improvement store) to stock up on firewood (as the weather forecast for the next week is even worse) and flowers.

My new plants – primroses, petunias, pansies

In defiance of the gloom outside, I was inspired to start some flamboyant projects with abundant floral patterns and embroideries.

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