I was exposed to plants again today, and of course I could not resist.

I went out to run some errands in the neighbourhood, and I “accidentally” passed by the small new gardening centre that I noticed some time ago. It turned out to be both friendlier and cheaper than the usual one that I go to, and I was delighted.

Everything seems to be about plants these days, and everyone we know is obsessed by gardening. Yesterday we brought some nasturtiums that I grew from seeds to our friend Nacho (who is an art photographer), for his patio.

Nacho at a garden photoshoot – photo by Nick, styling by me
Me and Nacho at the hippie festival in Panichishte, photo by Nick

Then we went to see Lia (Nick’s daughter), and it turned out that she had started growing plants too! I was amazed, because I thought she was not “this kind of girl”. I guess that’s what lockdown does to people – so I’d gladly grow some seedlings for her too.

Lia is a real artist, so she has a soft spot for colour, just like me. We used to get together and make tie-dye clothing – we should definitely do this again soon!

Me and Lia with our “rainbow caterpillar” (tie-dyed shirt, secured by clips)

Our colourful friend Albena (nicknamed “The three-headed dragon lady”) called me on the phone, and we talked for a long time… mostly about gardening. (I don’t usually talk on the phone much, but if it’s about plants – anytime!)

Albena wearing some of my love beads necklaces, during a crazy midnight photoshoot at one of Nick’s birthday parties

We discussed her new flower arrangements, and how we would save our plants from the upcoming arctic chill this weekend (of course we are not happy about it, but hopefully it would only be for a short timе). She said she’d got gazanias and verbenas… so of course I had to have some too!

I also got a fuchsia (I hope this one will survive), and a cute yellow thing that I instantly forgot the name of.

The other plants on our porch are thriving, especially pansies and lobelias.

And the daisies that I got from my favourite roadside stall during the holidays are spectacular (I made the picture while having my morning coffee, in my Churchill hummingbird cup).

Another friend – Irina, wrote a Facebook post about being unable to resist buying new plants, and I just had to comment “the world is big and flowers lurk around the corner” (as in the famous film, “The World is Big and Salvation Lurks Around the Corner”). Story of our lives!

Irina is an artist too – she is into illustrations, graphic design, jewellery, and art dolls. This is her Instagram –


Me and Irina during a photoshoot in a lovely old house, photos by Nacho Kamenov (Kubeto)

Our lovely friend Shve is an artist and a flower lover too, so I like sending her colourful accessories, flower seeds and bulbs from time to time. She seems to be wearing the embroidered bell bottoms that I made for her all the time, and it makes me happy! Last night she sent me some more cool photos in colourful urban surroundings.

This is the link to Shve’s Instagram –

With all the spring flowers around, my projects had to be full of florals too. (Though actually, I do this all the time.)

 “Rock Garden” denim jacket – a combination of fan band appliques and floral embroidery

The jacket belongs to another friend, artist and flower lover, Yulita. I think the rock/floral combination fits her perfectly! She asked for some “naughty skulls” too, so I might add sugar skulls – I think they would really match this style.

This is the link to Yulita’s art page –


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