The colours of the last few days reminded me somehow of this album by Led Zeppelin.

There are a lot of holidays this week – Easter, Labour day, etc., so we have more time for some of our projects.

I had this idea to style a photoshoot of myself, resembling Nickolas Muray’s famous picture Frida Kahlo on Bench.

I was wearing an up-cycled dress that I made from several second hand items (embroidered blouse, scarf and a black skirt). I made the necklace from an embroidered mirrorwork trim from a thrifted top and pieces of old jewellery. I found the scarf and the headpiece in a local classifieds website.

And the photo, of course, was made by Nick.

Usually, our photoshoots take longer, because I find it hard to pose. But this one was fast and easy, and we were pleased with the result – it must have been because of the big mirror that Nick placed in front of me. I could see how the future photo would look, which was really helpful.

Two years ago, we did a photoshoot in our garden. We made a huge mess, while choosing and changing clothes and jewellery. Afterwards I could not find three of my love beads necklaces anywhere, and we had to remove them from our shop.

Yesterday Boris asked me to search for our magnetic chess set. (While we were playing outside on the porch, the wind kept trying to topple the pieces of the wooden one). As it often happens – I could not find it, but other things resurfaced.

I wondered what was inside this wooden chest (it had stood there for a long time, so I could not remember).

And when I opened it… I saw those missing necklaces!

I wonder how they got there (I guess we’ll never know).

I designed the back of the Night Forest denim vest, so it will soon be finished and travel to its new owner. I hope she enjoys it!

Boris has no school too, so our chess games get more intense (I think I am getting better at it) and our walks around the neighborhood get further and further.

Last Friday we walked in the fields nearby, and we saw these strange clouds, which reminded me of movies about alien visits.

Yesterday we went to see these spectacular graffiti near a tunnel in the road. (When we moved in here, we called this tunnel “a portal to the other world” – a quiet place away from the city.)

The creatures in the graffiti resemble the pattern of my rain jacket, so I think I really match their style.

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