The gardening season seems to be in full swing, regardless of the weather.

I am so glad that we got the portable greenhouse, as the night temperatures are still too low. Otherwise I would have to bring some plants in and out of the house every day, and now I just move them a bit. Even if I don’t do it sometimes, they would still have enough light.

I finished the Rock Garden denim jacket, and I sent it to my artist friend Yulita – she was thrilled with it.

I added some gladiolus bulbs to the package, of the nice purple variety that I grew last year.

And Yulita sent me some of her own bulbs, of her variegated pink ones.

She also included several seedlings of Purple Haze passiflora. I hope I can keep them in good health – I often have troubles with the climbing plants.

We brought some of my nasturtium seedlings to our friend Albena, for her and for a friend of hers who loved them – they are my favourites too. I remember them from my childhood, they were a staple in my Grandma’s garden, and they are really easy to grow, so I can supply all my friends with seedlings (they are rarely found in garden centres). I am growing some more for Lia (Nick’s daughter), who recently started gardening. I think it’s great, and I would try to support her in any way I can.

Albena gave me some of her small pansies, abundantly growing on her balcony.

She said she could not find places for all the plants that she wanted any more – I can totally relate.

Yesterday we went to the “men’s mall” again – Nick needed some impregnating sealer, to save my ceramic pots from the mould. I hope it works! Of course, I had to look at the plants too, and I saw some budding ones that looked promising.

They turned to be bracteanthas. When I did a Google search with the name, I saw pictures of flowering ones and I recognized “the cute yellow thing” that I found last week in our small garden centre, but then I could not remember its name. I got two plants, and the blooms opened just a few hours later.

My gazanias are blooming wildly. They love the sun – there isn’t much of it lately, but obviously it’s enough.

I keep trying to grow some aquilegias. Every time I go to the courier office to receive my packages, I pass by an abandoned yard, where they are growing wildly. So I had to come back, armed with my gardening trowel, and try to dig some out.

I could not save much of their roots, so I had to put them in water in hope they would grow new ones.

I used this big pot that we inherited from the house owners (or the previous tenants, I am not really sure).

Our Night Forest embroidered vest is already with its new owner.

She called me on the phone, to say she was delighted – it fit her so perfectly, as if I made it especially for her. Things like this always make me happy!

I started a new denim project, Island Night.

I found this jacket when a lady asked me to make something in a larger size, keeping the layered floral embroidery style, and I thought that she might like it.

My lovely new gardening clogs have arrived – tie-dye Crocs, an early birthday present from Nick.

I have never owned so many clogs, flip-flops and slippers in my life – no wonder, because they are what I usually wear, since the start of the lockdown last spring. Actually, I hardly needed any other shoes, except for the walks with Boris in the woods and the fields nearby. It reminds me of that old fairytale, where the king’s daughters went out dancing every night, secretly, and by the morning their slippers were completely worn out.

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