I’ve heard that cat lovers can’t imagine having their coffee without cat hair in it. I can say the same about mine, with soil and leaves. Maybe it’s because I often bring it outside on the porch and I leave it on the windowsill, where I pot and repot plants.

I’ve had coffee problems before. One morning at the office (while I was still working at the publishing house) I made a cup of coffee and I absent-mindedly dropped my soluble vitamins tablet in the cup. The effect was impressive!

Another time I accidentally poured most of my coffee down my shirt, my co-workers found this extremely funny.
I am so happy to have my coffee with soil now, far from the office existence!
I usually wake everyone in the house with drinks: first Boris, for school (hot cocoa), then Nick, for work (coffee), and the plants (bringing them out of the greenhouse and watering them). Plants are people too!

The weather is playing tricks on us again. Nights are too cool for the season, and this weekend it’s going to get even colder. So I have to move most plants in the greenhouse for the night, and then back again when it gets warm enough. Nice workout, as Boris said.

Today it’s so cold, that I am not going to bring them out at all. Next week it will be much warmer – the forecast looks promising, so hopefully my “gardening workout” will cease for a few months.

We got a lot of new plants recently, and I planted them a bit chaotically at first. I like mixing varieties and colors, but I have to see the harmony. That was not the case, so yesterday I rearranged them, combining some by similar colors. I usually aim for variety, but this time I had gone too far, and I did not like the result. I think it looks a lot better now.

We could not find my old magnetic chess set (it was too small anyway), so I finally ordered a new one. I think I feel some kind of new “chess power” since we started using it – or it might be because we play every day, so I am more experienced now. Boris adjusted to my new tactic and started winning again. But I still give him a hard time while playing, which makes me feel ridiculously proud.

My friend Yulita made some photos of her “cool jacket – boho and metal style all at once”, as she wrote. It was based on her black denim jacket with fan embroidery appliques featuring her favourite band. I decided to add embroidered climbing flowers (and a sugar skull) in another layer over them. I think this combination is a perfect match for her personality – artist, rock fan and flower lover, all in one.

I started a new project, denim vest with lavish floral embroidery. I really love this one!

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