We started making mugs with our own design, and I am so inspired by this idea!

I have always loved colorful mugs, the first thing I see in the morning while having my coffee. But it is hard for me to find colors and patterns that I like, so I thought we could make some. We printed them with photos of my textile collages, and the result really impressed me. The texture of the fabrics is visible, and it makes the pattern look more real.

While I was working as a graphic designer, I’ve been playing with the idea of mimicking reality in my projects, both for print and online publishing. I added details like coffee stains, paper clips, etc. on magazine pages, brochures and websites. Now we are doing this again with my crafting designs, and I am thrilled! The mugs resemble real embroidery or patchwork, with a mixture of patterns from various cultures.

Last night I added the first mug, “Mandala Song”, to our shop.

The weather is murky again – but I guess I should not complain. I read that there were 8 meters of snow in some parts of Turkey now, and it is usually much warmer there than here.

I left most plants outside for now, and we removed the cover of the greenhouse, as it was damaged by the wind. But the forecast for this weekend does not look good, so I think I will have to bring the most sensitive plants back in again.

Actually, cold spells are not that unusual for the season. Once, when I was a teenager, it was snowing on my birthday (June 3). It did not stick, of course, but still it was unusual enough for me to remember. I hope it does not happen again now, when I have so many plants outside.

My “cosmic” petunia flowered again! It was the only one that survived the attack of the whiteflies. I am glad that it did, as it was the most beautiful of them all.

Dahlias are mystery plants to me. Last year I planted a Karmachoc dahlia from a bulb – it grew taller than me, but it never bloomed. I decided these plants were not for me (too big to grow in a pot, and the garden is “forbidden” because of the slugs). But then I accidentally bought dahlia Sunshine bulbs, as a part of a color coordinated set in yellow/orange. I planted it anyway, it grew very fast and now it is nearly blooming.

I found these plants in our local garden centre – they are smaller, probably grown from seeds, and already flowering.

I’ve always liked snapdragons, they look so cozy somehow. I found this cute variegated plant in the smaller new garden centre near the train station, which I recently discovered.

Other new plants – armeria and lewisia.

I constantly wish I could find and grow various plants, so I have to research online about each one. I can’t always remember their preferences (and to be honest, even their names sometimes), and sadly, they don’t always survive – but still I keep trying.

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